Kitchen Remodeling in Granite Bay, California

No matter where you live in California, when you’re thinking about kitchen remodeling, you want to best service and the best price. However, when it comes to your Granite Bay home, you want to make sure that the kitchen remodeling project fits within your budget, but that it also fits with the rest of your home.

Far too many homeowners don’t realize that the kitchen is one of the most important aspects to the home, especially when it comes to resale value. Homebuyers will tend to gauge whether a house is really worth their investment based on the kitchen. If you have a quaint home, including a plain living room and maybe even a basic bedroom, then you may find that a modernized kitchen doesn’t fit the home all that well.

If that happens, it could actually be a deterrent to the sale of your home, and it could set you back a lot of money as well.

How can you determine what type of kitchen would be ideal for your home? Maybe you would prefer to have a modern looking kitchen. If so, that’s fine, as long as you understand that if you have a lot of antique furniture in the rest of your home, such as the dining room and living room, the kitchen may end up changing the appeal and personality of your home.

So finding the right company that will help you design an ideal kitchen is essential. Also, paying attention to the details about this kitchen remodeling project is also essential.

What are the details that you should be paying attention to?
The first thing that you should consider with regard to your kitchen remodeling project is whom to choose as the contractor. You’re going to find that there are plenty of options to choose from. You could flip through the local Yellow Pages, or go online and search for kitchen remodeling professionals, and you’ll likely find a long list of names.
So many of them will seem as though they are highly skilled, that they truly know what they’re doing and that you couldn’t go wrong hiring any of them. However, there are significant differences between most of them, and the few small to mid-size companies that have been remodeling kitchens for a long time.

This isn’t meant to sound harsh, but it’s meant to provide you with the right information that will allow you to make the best decision possible with regard to your new kitchen. During the housing boom of the first part of the last decade, there were thousands of independent contractors and employees of theirs who were doing all sorts of home improvement projects. They would probably have a fair amount of experience with all sorts of different aspects of home improvement, from tearing out a wall to install a new one, adding an addition onto a home, and even working in the kitchen area as well.

However, when the housing market crashed, it left a lot of these people without work and in the ensuing years, most of them scrambled to find any type of work that they could get. This trend has continued to this day, which means that many of the small, independent so-called kitchen remodeling experts that you may find through an online search don’t really have all that much experience with kitchen remodeling.

They might know how to remove a cabinet to install a new one, but how do you know that the quality of the work that you’re going to get will be top notch? You don’t.

These men and a few women may have a habit of going to their local home improvement mega store and finding the cabinets that they want to sell you, then they would pick them up and install them in your home. However, what if you want more in-depth work done to your kitchen? What if you wanted to have a wall taken out, moved, or something else done to it that is major construction work? Would they obtain the right permits for the work? Would they know about load bearing walls and all of those other factors that go into kitchen remodeling?

Then, of course, you may be tempted to take a ride down to one of those notorious home improvement mega stores yourself. You’ll walk back toward to kitchen and appliances section and you’ll see a bunch of ideas for cabinets and even some designs. You may sit down with an employee who sounds as though he or she knows what they’re talking about, and you may think that you’re getting the best kitchen for your home.

Before you do, though, understand that most of the people who work in those sections have no actual experience with installing a kitchen. They are salespeople and their job is to hook you and then reel you in. They are tasked with making sales, not with making sure that you end up with the kitchen that you want.

On top of that, you wouldn’t even know who is going to install your kitchen for you. When you purchase cabinets, appliances, countertops, and other home improvement items from these mega stores, you won’t know who will install them for you. That’s because they don’t actually hire installers. The subcontract the work out to independent contractors, in many cases some of the same people that we just mentioned.

But don’t they have to be licensed? They are supposed to be, but that doesn’t mean that they are, or that their license is current. It also doesn’t mean that they are insured or bonded. So what happens if the cabinets are installed improperly and something breaks? You might not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty anymore.

Forget about rolling the dice and taking chances. Get the kitchen remodeling work that your Granite Bay home deserves. Call on the experienced experts at Woods Custom Kitchens. We are fully licensed, insured, bonded, and experienced to help you get the kitchen that is perfect for your home, and that you want.

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